How to Find Online Jobs for Teachers

Looking for credible opportunities for online jobs for teachers?

There are a few different options for finding online work depending on what you are looking for. For full-time employment, online schools will likely be the first opportunity you should look into. By becoming an online tutor, you can secure a part-time job that can be done after school and in your spare time. And if you are seeking a job that doesn’t require any teaching, there are definitely a few options worth considering.

In this article I will briefly discuss each of these options.

Teaching at an Online High School

Online schools are becoming more and more popular. With increasingly more students opting for an online education instead of traditional high school, there are great opportunities for teachers looking for full-time employment online.

Online schools come in four types: charter, public, private, and university sponsored. To find online jobs for teachers at one these schools, you can usually complete an application directly through their website.

Check here for an outstanding resource for researching various online schools in your state.

Online Tutoring

For those looking for part-time online work, tutoring can be a great option. There has been a slight explosion of online tutoring services over the past few years. During the school year, these websites are always looking for qualified teachers. Doing a google search for online tutoring companies or looking into website like Tutoring Jobs Online should give you a great starting point and a constant stream of students.

The obvious disadvantage to online tutoring is that you only get paid when you have students, and finding students can be a problem in the summer and during slow periods of the year. Sites like Tutoring Jobs Online can help with this.

If you are looking for something even more flexible, starting your own tutoring business may be an option. You can get started almost immediately by advertising your services in classifieds and on sites like craigslist.

Online Jobs for Teachers that Do Not Require Teaching

A final option for teachers looking for online work is to scrap teaching all together and look into other job opportunities online.

One great option to consider is affiliate marketing. There are hundreds and hundreds of companies that pay ‘affiliates’ to either sell their products or send visitors to their website. By gaining access to these companies, you can immediately start making money in your spare time. Sites like Legitimate Online Jobs will show you exactly how to find these companies and how to place advertisements that will make you money.

There are also a number of credible companies that hire employees that can work from their home. The problem is usually locating these types of jobs on the internet. A search on google for work at home jobs gives a whopping 300,000,000 pages to choose from. Weeding out the scams from the legimate opportunities can be next to impossible. Sites like Real Home Jobs are great because they weed out the pyramid schemes and scams and allow you to find real, work at home jobs.

Data Entry positions are also excellent choices for work at home opportunities. Like with many work at home jobs, you must do your research and make sure you choose a reputable website to work with. The scam websites only provide you with a list of companies to contact. You want to find a website that will provide you directly with a job and offer full training and support.

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