Teaching Interview

How to Get Your First Teaching Job Interview

You aced your education courses and student teaching. Now it’s time to find some students to teach!

Finding your first teaching job can seem like an impossible task. For every one job that is advertised, there can be hundreds of applications. Many school districts don’t advertise their open positions at all, and those that do usually start the interview process by looking at the applications they already have on file.

Common Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

The key to getting the perfect teaching job is impressing during the teacher interview. You must be confident. If you’re not sure of what questions they are likely to ask and if you don’t have the answers at the tip of your tongue, you are likely to come across nervous and unprepared. With the competition for teaching jobs at an all time high, you can be rewarded nicely by reviewing as many interview questions as possible and coming up with truthful and unique answers.