Alternative Online Jobs for Teachers

This page features a few different "alternative" online jobs opportunities that do not require any teaching experience. Teachers may also want to check out online teaching and tutoring opportunities.

If you have ever looked into finding an online job, you probably spent a lot of time dismissing outrageous claims and ridiculous offers. A search of google for the term "online jobs" gives over 300,000,000 hits. Distinguishing the scams from the real opportunities can be near impossible.

Other than online tutoring, there are not many options for online jobs for teachers. On this page, I will review three "alternative" online jobs for teachers who are looking for legitimate part-time work. Each is different in it’s own way. 

My top recommendation is an award winning data-entry company that will allow you to find data-entry jobs that can be done after school, on the weekends, and during the summer. My second suggestion deals with affiliate marketing and will show you how to find companies that will pay you to place ads and promote their products. Finally, the last recommendation is a company that specializes in placing people in real, online jobs that you can do from home. 

1) Data Entry

Data Entry jobs are a great way for teachers looking to earn some extra cash while working part-time online.

If you have looked into data entry jobs in the past, you’ll know that many of these websites give you nothing more than a list of companies and you’re left to contact them and try to find a job on your own. Needless to say, many never find employment.

Global Data Entry is different. Visit their site and sign up, and they will provide you directly with a job. Jobs include traditional data-entry, word processing, general transcription, business coding, and more. No prior experience is required and there is absolutely no charge for any of the positions. They offer free training, software, resources, and full support.

This is not a get rich scheme. You will be provided with real data entry jobs and the more hours your work, they more you will be able to earn.

Data entry positions make for great alternative online jobs for teachers. If you are interested, definitely check out Global Data Entry.

2) Legitimate Online Jobs

Legitimate Online Jobs is a great opportunity for teachers that are new to making money online and are looking for a legitimate alternative job.

Companies will pay you to place ads for them. This website gives you access to these companies and walks you through the process of posting their ads with step-by-step guides and video tutorials.

Again, this is not a get rich scheme. The more ads you post, the more money you make.

With this system, you only make money when people click on the ads you place. But this membership website will show you exactly where and how to place the ads so you can start making money almost immediately.

Click here to read more about Legitimate Online Jobs.

3) Real Home Jobs

Considered to be the #1 website for finding a real home job, Real Home Jobs a leading company that helps people find real online jobs that they can do from their home computer. To date, they have filled close to 300,000 positions.  

Jobs on their website include Administrative Work (up to $15 per hour), Appointment Setting (up to $10/hr.), Clerical Work (up to $15/hr.), Packaging (up to $16/item), Photography (up to $100/photo), Order Processing (up to $13/hr.), Proof Reading (up to $17/hr.), Transcription (up to $17/hr.), Billing (up to $11/hr.), Translation, Assembly, and more.  

Click here to visit Real Home Jobs and to check out what they offer.