3 Tips for Effective Classroom Management

If you want to be a great teacher, you must create an environment where great teaching can be achieved. Remember, you were hired to educate. You weren’t hired to babysit and you definitely weren’t hired to run a jail. But you were hired to create an atmosphere where students can learn.

If you are perceived as weak and your students run all over you, you are not teaching. On the other hand, if you are too strict and your students fear you, that’s not teaching either. You need to strike a balance. In this article I will give you three tips for your classroom that can help you establish and maintain the perfect classroom environment.

Tip 1: Choose 3-5 Rules that simply can’t be broken.

It’s true. Good classroom management depends on your students knowing exactly what is expected of them. But, you don’t want to overwhelm them either. If you have too many rules, students will begin to pick and choose the one's they feel are important. After the initial review of all of your class rules, you should choose 3 to 5 rules that are unbreakable. Display them somewhere where everyone can see and enforce them like your life depends on it.

Tip 2: When possible, have your students develop some of the rules.

Rules are meant to be broken. By involving the students, you can actually create an environment where students have a role in helping you enforce the rules. Peer pressure can be extremely powerful in creating a well-run classroom.

Tip 3: Have pre-class activities or assignments ready on a daily basis.

The dead time before the bell ring can determine how your class will function for the day. You must give students a way to channel their energy as soon as they walk in to your room. By making some “pre-class” activities available, you can spend your time taking role and preparing for the lesson.

You can get creative when coming up with activities to use. It could be anything from a pre-class quiz to a 5-minute discussion of the previous day's lecture. By getting students in the routing of walking into your classroom and immediately getting to work, you will greatly reduce a number of classroom management issues.

Classroom management can be one of the biggest challenges for new teachers. By following these tips, you should be on your way to creating an atmosphere where all you need to do is worry about the teaching.